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Renovations - Expand Your Home's Possibilities

Unless you had your home built from the ground up, there's probably something that you wish was different.

If only the family room were a little bigger...
If only we had an extra bathroom in the basement...
If only there were more closets...

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And, there are always things you never considered when you first bought your home that you'd love to change or upgrade.

It would be nice if the kitchen had an island...
Wouldn't the deck be lovely with a roof?
I'd love to paint every room in the house, but I don't have the time...
The entry way (or any room) could really use a makeover...

At Vision Property Renovations, we're here to fix, upgrade, modify, expand or rebuild just about any area of your home. We specialize in home renovations, large and small and love working with customers to bring their unique vision to life.

Our experienced team of in-house contractors works throughout Lancaster, Berks and Chester counties on a wide range of remodeling projects including:

› Kitchens
› Bathrooms
› Family Rooms
› Basements
› Bedrooms
› Closet Space
› Deck Roofing
› Painting
› Flooring

We handle your project from the design and idea phase through the entire building process. You'll appreciate our unique perspective and innovative problem solving skills to bring out the essence of your vision without blowing your budget.

Ready for a change? Let us help you expand your home's possibilities!

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Attention Home Flippers

We can help you boost your home's value with strategic upgrades that maximize value without breaking your budget.

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